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Satellite Communications
All of our trucks are equipped with satellite communication capability from Qualcomm. This technology enables us to track and manage freight 24 hours a day. Using Qualcomm data to display all truck locations on a map, our marketing and operations staff are able to see where our trucks are at any time. We regularly track our trucks on an hourly basis, and more frequently when needed.

Document Imaging - Instant Access to Paperwork
Gilbert deployed a state-of-the-art image storage, retrieval and workflow processing system. Instead of filing paperwork in file drawers, it is scanned into the imaging system and electronically routed for processing throughout several departments. Documents are permanently stored to optical laser disk for instant and simultaneous viewing, faxing or printing.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Many Gilbert customers electronically transmit shipment information and monitor the status of shipments electronically in accordance with industry standards. Information is moved swiftly and accurately, resulting in reduced paperwork, phone calls, manual data entry, faxes, postage and handling costs.

  • Load Tendering - Customers electronically send orders to Gilbert Express.
  • Shipment Status - Gilbert electronically sends load tracking updates to our customers.
  • Freight Bill - Gilbert electronically sends a freight bill for payment.
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